Friday, September 16, 2016

Tom Selleck Has Always Been There for Me

Whenever I feel stressed out, I will end up having a dream that I've taken a quick trip to Hawaii.  There's always the sense that I shouldn't be there, like I have someone else's key to an unused hotel room or I only have a few days to stay because I am supposed to be somewhere else.  

Last night, I was supposed to be guiding a very famous retired general around, but decided to leave him chatting at a cocktail party while I went out to have a swim.

In this recurring dream, I always arrive at Waikiki Beach at night and walk on the white sugar sand beaches in front of various waterfront hotels.  Whatever else I do, I always swim and walk on the beach at night.
In dreamland, I go back to my old job near the Aloha Tower and hear folks "talk story" (visit and have long conversations) as I go by.

One morning when I worked in downtown Honolulu, I actually thought that I was having a dream, but it was real. My office was in a very tall building called the Amfac Center. My boss wasn't the most pleasant person. My husband had recently left for a six-month deployment.  I could have been moping. 
The building was so big that it had its own mini-post office where we all picked up the mail.  I exited the elevator and noticed electrical cabling all over the floor.  I thought that a contractor was working on the building.  I turned and saw THIS leaning against a planter:
Seriously.  Dressed almost identically to the pic.

I thought I was having an hallucination for just minute and stood there.

"Hi, I hope we're not in your way."

"Oh no Sir, not at all.  I just wasn't expecting this."

"We're on a break, did you need to get the mail?"

"Yes, I'll go do that. " And I stood there for another minute and got the mail.  I think my mouth was hanging open.  

The producers used a conference room on an upper floor to film when Magnum was supposed to go to see someone in the Navy.  I wondered later why they didn't send out a notice to everyone and then realized that there would be fans mobbing the Amfac Building.

So, peeps, Tom Selleck is an extremely nice man.  I feel even better about him now that he is the New York City Police Commissioner.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Happy Fall Ya'all

Yes, I know I am rushing things, but I love Autumn!  I cannot comprehend as I see God's creation around me, when I watch His artist's brush paint nature in colors of bronze, gold, red, maize, yellow, and orange -- how could anyone fail to believe that a loving Creator fashioned such splendor for us to enjoy?  

The notion that this all came about when the "whole universe was in a hot, dense state" (as is sung in the beginning of each "Big Bang Theory" episode) and matter sort of bumped into itself?  Well, believing this takes more faith than I have.  

Sunday, in our continuing meandering drive adventures, we happened upon Weldon, NC along the Roanoke River.  Weldon was a stop on the Underground Railroad and also has a Confederate Cemetery and a 7-mile hiking trial.  

Thank God for my continued healing as I was able to walk for about a half mile. We'll come back when I'm further along in getting well and the temperature drops a littlle more. Last month, I had to grocery shop in a motorized cart because I couldn't stand or walk long enough unaided.  I know I was inspired Saturday to continue on to see this:
If you look closely, you can see that the tree area in the middle left of this photo are just starting to turn.

I decorate as soon as possible for Autumn, so I can fully enjoy it until Thanksgiving weekend.  This year, I had a little supervisor, as you can see.  
You can see our beautiful neighborhood center, the former Shea Terrace Elementary School, in the door's reflection.  A beautiful white-trimmed brick school, built in 1920 on land donated by my home's builder (John Shea), the old building is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Sun Trust bank owns this property, which is currently an elderly apartment building.  

Did you know that city planners and architects have found that neighborhoods with strong centers and strong boundaries flourish? That's why many neighbors advocated to save the school from scheduled demolition.  The school was our strong center. 

The Civic League also supported the creation of a linear park on a block fronting the neighborhood which previously had substandard, absentee-landlord houses.

As the seasons change, I celebrate by creating a new mantel vignette. I challenge myself to use found objects, natural things like braes or pine cones, thrift store finds, or raid the attic, rather than buying new. Anyone can just go out and buy things.  

It takes an aspiring Proverbs 31 woman to make treasures, search every box at the yard sale, or arrange vases or pitchers differently. I feel the most inspired when I set up a new vignette without buying anything. I can't draw, so this is my form of artistic expression. 

Saving money, building traditions, and respecting God's beautiful creation by reusing or recycling is what inspires me these days. The world doesn't need need any more junk in landfills.
Ahhhh....the anticipation of these late summer days waiting for the season to turn.  Tomorrow's weather report calls for temperatures in he '70's.  Bliss.  It was cool in the backyard as I let the dog out first thing. When Lulu came back in, I felt her cold ears as we snuggled on the couch. I haven't felt cold ears since last April! During my Starbucks meeting this morning, the smell of Pumpkin Spice lattes surrounded me in Autumn goodness. A few leaves have started to turn. I can go back to having my morning coffee on the front porch.  
Bliss, people.  Pure bliss.