Friday, September 16, 2016

Tom Selleck Has Always Been There for Me

Whenever I feel stressed out, I will end up having a dream that I've taken a quick trip to Hawaii.  There's always the sense that I shouldn't be there, like I have someone else's key to an unused hotel room or I only have a few days to stay because I am supposed to be somewhere else.  

Last night, I was supposed to be guiding a very famous retired general around, but decided to leave him chatting at a cocktail party while I went out to have a swim.

In this recurring dream, I always arrive at Waikiki Beach at night and walk on the white sugar sand beaches in front of various waterfront hotels.  Whatever else I do, I always swim and walk on the beach at night.
In dreamland, I go back to my old job near the Aloha Tower and hear folks "talk story" (visit and have long conversations) as I go by.

One morning when I worked in downtown Honolulu, I actually thought that I was having a dream, but it was real. My office was in a very tall building called the Amfac Center. My boss wasn't the most pleasant person. My husband had recently left for a six-month deployment.  I could have been moping. 
The building was so big that it had its own mini-post office where we all picked up the mail.  I exited the elevator and noticed electrical cabling all over the floor.  I thought that a contractor was working on the building.  I turned and saw THIS leaning against a planter:
Seriously.  Dressed almost identically to the pic.

I thought I was having an hallucination for just minute and stood there.

"Hi, I hope we're not in your way."

"Oh no Sir, not at all.  I just wasn't expecting this."

"We're on a break, did you need to get the mail?"

"Yes, I'll go do that. " And I stood there for another minute and got the mail.  I think my mouth was hanging open.  

The producers used a conference room on an upper floor to film when Magnum was supposed to go to see someone in the Navy.  I wondered later why they didn't send out a notice to everyone and then realized that there would be fans mobbing the Amfac Building.

So, peeps, Tom Selleck is an extremely nice man.  I feel even better about him now that he is the New York City Police Commissioner.

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