Thursday, April 27, 2017

DNA Doesn't Lie - The Railroad Bridge

When I was a kid, I divided my time between New York during the school year and East Hartford, Connecticut during school holidays.  Portions of my family have lived in Connecticut since the 1600's.

In warmer months, I dearly loved to walk across this trestle train bridge in the background from East Hartford to Hartford.  I never mentioned this to anyone in my family, as I did not want them to tell me not to do it.  I am not quite sure what I would have done if a train came by, but it never did.

I was fascinated with the river and the bridge.  For a time I worked in downtown Hartford  If it was nice out, I could walk over the bridge and get to work about a half hour sooner, totally avoiding any rush hour traffic.  It was a lovely commute.

When my friend, Barb, got me interested in researching my ancestry a number of years ago, I went first to this part of my family to discover more about them.

Recently, The Hartford Courant made its archives available via  The Courant is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States.  I've been searching for information about various ancestors and came across this article about my second great grandfather, Charles McCullough listened under "In General."
My second great grandfather died on that bridge.  How amazing!

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