Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NMCP Offers 'Mammograms While You Wait'

I was walking at the Naval Hospital the other day.  Do you think that walking in a hospital is odd?  Consider this:  I am safe, guarded by servicemen, in a facility open 24 hours a day which is climate controlled and cold drinks and clean bathrooms available throughout.  

The Hospital has been there since the War of 1812.  I walk among buildings one, two, and three. 

The wards are on higher floors, so I walk past food courts, various clinics which are usually closed when I'm there, a credit union, a chapel, and a sort of 7-11.  Basically it is mall walking with no Kirklands, Payless Shoes or Dillards.

As I walk up a steep incline to the command space, the harbor is spread out before me.  Ocean tankers and sailboats float by.  In other areas without windows, beautiful outdoor photographs from around the world brighten up the way.

While walking from the food court area to another building, I saw an informational poster board:

"Mammograms While You Wait"

Check out the link to a story right here:

Stop the presses Naval Medical Center!  

What is the alternative to having a mammogram while you wait? Don't you always have to go to a medical care facility, wait, and then have the mammogram? What other way would one have one of those big ole boob sandwiches?  What innovation comes next? Pap smears in stirrups or dental exams in a reclining chair?

How else would I get a mammogram but while I wait?

Could I have my mammogram during a commute through the Downtown Tunnel?  While cooking dinner?  During a walk or a bike ride?  How about while coloring my hair, that's about 25 minutes of down time?  I could have my mammogram while eating Thanksgiving dinner or at Starbucks, but it might make others uncomfortable.

I have no doubt that this poster went through many edits among the Health Promotion command, but it cracked me up.

So kudos to the Naval Hospital for relaxing its rules and being creative in helping women protect their health with this important screening.  However, I think that they actually meant to say that "Walk In Mammogram appointments" are now available.

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