Wednesday, June 22, 2016

West Point VA...Three Rivers, Two Bridges, A Nice Place to Live

Three rivers, two bridges....a nice place to live.  That's what it says on the welcome sign as one enters the village of West Point, Virginia.  True that!

Bruce and I reward ourselves when our chores are done (sometimes referred to in our household as "detestable tasks) by taking drives in country areas.  We head out in all directions to have an adventure.

Keep in mind that an adventure for us could just be a cute country restaurant, a vintage shop, or a charming crossroads.  If we're in North Carolina, we might stop by a Piggley Wiggley...could you just DIE for that name?  PW's are a small chain of groceries in North Carolina, but the name just slays me!

Perhaps we find an entire little abandoned town (when the railroad took a different direction) which has been designated as a historic landmark.  Another time, I look to the right and see a sign carved into a rock which says, "Mason Dixon Line."  Our most special drive so far has been to the Virginia mountains to see the actual house "The Waltons" (actually The Hamner's) lived in and found the little Rockfish Post Office.

It was West Point this time.  The weather was breezy and wonderful, so we parked and walked through the delightful streets.  Stately old homes, lovingly restored,  A father and son playfully pummeling each other with inflatable boxing gloves three feet around while Grandpa acted as a referee.  A cute Boston terrier standing on the pool deck jumping off to swim with the kids and then mincing up the pool ladder to jump in again.  A guy sitting on his front porch calling out, "How ya'all doin'?"

Bruce said, "The only other thing that would make this totally perfect would be a local seafood or Italian restaurant."  Around the next corner, we found just that, Tony and George's.
As we were seated, guess what we saw!

There was an old-fashioned phone booth with a rotary dial phone inside.  I can just picture Rosalind Russell, removing her black gloves to put a dime in the phone.  She'll call her New York editor collect to scoop all the boys with her story!

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