Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Five Frugal Things and Gratuitous Dog Pic

Disclosure:  This is a gratuitous pic of a dearly-loved family member having no relation to the content below.

1.  I set beef to marinade for dinner.  The marinade consisted of juice drained from canned pineapple for fruit salad. (I save the juice from canned fruit - not syrup.) I added Chinese Five Spice, sesame oil, and soy sauce.  I'll have a stir-fry this evening with rice I deliberately cooked too much of Sunday. Frugal Girl is correct - meal planning is da bomb. Having some of dinner completed ahead (the rice, the marinade) makes me feel better about having to cook after a long day.

2.  I made iced tea from bags, setting it on the porch to cool. No need to heat up the fridge.

3.  Breakfast was made at home.  I cooked an egg sandwich with a sliced tomato, a small amount of mozzie cheese, and a thin slice of ham. The egg was free from a friend who raises chickens.  The cheese, ham, and bread were discounted.

4.  I cook for four, but there are two of us. After dinner, I create "TV dinners" (my husband's term) from the leftovers for his lunch. Today's lunch was roasted acorn squash and a stuffed baked potato. The frozen lunch keeps anything else in his insulated bag cool until noon, even in the summer.

5.  This frugal thing may not work for everyone.  My husband had been using clinical strength antiperspirant which severely irritated his skin. Some people believe there is a health risk associated with using antiperspirants, as well. I remembered my frugal and immaculate grandmother used rubbing alcohol instead. We tried it over the weekend. If we were going to end up stinky, we didn't want it to happen during work!  The alcohol worked perfectly for us.  This morning, I patted on rubbing alcohol instead of antiperspirant: healthier and much less expensive.