Thursday, January 12, 2017

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

I don't generally talk a lot about the weather.  Bruce is in charge of weather monitoring.  Having grown up on a farm, he pays enough attention for both of us and some other unknown folks who blithely head out each day without proper outdoor clothing, boots, umbrellas, and all manner of dangerous weather ignoring behavior.

I just HAVE to say something today.  The old thermometer next to the back door says 63 degrees.  On Tuesday, it read 9 degrees. Please note that my faithful writing companion up top was wrapped up in a blanket warmed in the dryer on Tuesday.  Today she has abandoned me for the backyard.
Here are the sad remains of the hula girl snowoman built by my next door neighbor in my backyard. She didn't ask, I just looked out back and she was building it.  I brought her out some hot tea (it was terribly cold) and asked her why she was building it in mine.  She said, "Your yard is prettier." Uh, okay.

My blog title: Adapt, Improvise, Overcome is a motto expressing the corporate culture of the Marine Corps...oooh rah!

The motto also works well for those who practice frugality or who want to leave a lighter footprint on the earth.

My shower curtain was looking its age of 16 years, so I was keeping an eye out for one on a deep discount or at Goodwill.

You can see the pink hue of my bathroom with the window treatment on the very tall window.  The curtain is a Rachel Ashwell sheet I picked up for a $1.50.  The only thing I found wrong with it was a tiny splotch of white paint that is not noticeable. 

The little dress was $3.50. I already had the necklace.  I got this together about 4 years ago.  Mostly, I am showing this to indicate the delicate pink hue of the bathroom.
I thought I had found the perfect color at Goodwill and took home a shower curtain I thought would match.
What was I thinking?  The hue was far too loud.  I put it through the wash three times with was as loud as ever.

I mulled it over for a few days, hating to give up a shower curtain which was almost perfect.

Holding it my hand last night, it occurred to me to hang it up backwards.  Now it works!

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