Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Five Frugal Things

Here's the glamour shot!
Frugal Girl is a favorite blogger who writes an occasional column entitled Five Frugal Things.  

Here are my Five Frugs for today:

1.  I made a pasta salad as I cleaned out the fridge. So tail ends of feta and mozzie cheeses, almost empty bottles of Italian dressing, lemon juice, a quarter of a bag of frozen mixed veggies, half a green pepper, black olives, a couple of ribs of celery, whole wheat elbows bought for under a dollar, some black olives, and leftover chicken all went in. I took a little taste and it is YUM-O. Easiest way to save on food? Use every bit of what you purchase.The Atlantic reports that 50% of all American produce is thrown away.  Second easiest way? Cook and eat at home: cheaper, healthier, and more environmentally friendly.

2.  A fellow church member is affiliated with a famous and rather expensive chain of restaurants which uses "clean" foods.  This person brings in the bread that will be discarded. I used part of that bread for "Philly Cheese Steak" sandwiches with leftover cooked beef with grilled onions, green peppers, and a few mushrooms. I normally take home several loaves. It pleases me that my church reuses food that would be thrown away in a world with millions of hungry children.

3.  I folded ten ziplock bags I had washed and hung in the laundry room on a multiple skirt hanger. Hence that beautiful pic above.

4.  I took a military shower which is both frugal and good environmental practice. For the uninitiated, here's how: Turn the water on and get all wet. This time of year, I don't even use hot water, as it is coming up from the ground lukewarm. Once wet, turn off the water. Scrub yourself. Wash hair. Turn water back on. Rinse off. This practice saves amazing amounts of water.  A regular shower uses 60 gallons; a military shower uses 3. You get just as clean.

5.  I put a bucket in the bath to catch the running shower water and used for a few flushes. Why pay for something you let run down the drain?

To learn more:

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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas, Anne! I'll have to check out her blog. Especially liked the clean out the fridge for a pasta salad one. (And oh, to have a laundry room.....!) :) Blessings, Debra

    1. Hey Girl:

      Our laundry room was originally a very weird bathroom with a shower and a sink, no toilet. We took out the shower stall and installed a stackable washer and dryer. It is quite narrow, but it does the job. I love Frugal Girl and you will too!