Sunday, July 16, 2017

My Cousin Arline Lost in Time

Gosh but doing ancestral research can get frustrating.

This is my cousin (3x removed) Arline McCullough Rondeau. I was told that she died very young and that her family loved her dearly.  A very nice distant relative on provided me with her picture.

I can find scant information about her, my great grandmother Ella's cousin. She was a stenographer and then a clerk at The Travelers Insurance Company. 

Arline is in the Hartford City Directory records until 1926, still with her maiden name. I recognize the East Hartford homes in the background of this photo and the general area of the city where such houses are located.

Clearly this is Arline's wedding photo when she married Philippe Rondeau. He was a dough boy who served in World War One as a sergeant.

I love her flapper era dress and hat and her pensive face looking back at me through the years and years between us.

Who were you Arline? Were you mad for love for Philippe and waiting to have a wedding lunch or dinner with your family? Did you enjoy your job at the Travelers? Did you take the street car to work, your smart shoes tapping along the sidewalk as you exited? 

Did you make a good New England boiled dinner? Was Charlie Chaplain your favorite movie star? Did you have to give up your job because you married? 

When did you die and why are no death records available? Why is there no account of you in any U.S. newspaper? You survived the Great Flu pandemic only to die soon after with your information buried so deep in the records that I cannot find you.

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