Thursday, March 9, 2017

What Do You Stand For?

Just in case you're having trouble seeing this pic I took (in amazement and dismay) of a North Carolina store front, this says, "Modern Witchcraft Classes: the art, science, and psychology of nature-based spirituality."  Yes, indeedy.

Please note the young man walking a small dog in the reflection.

Well, my psychology of nature-based spirituality is that I get really mad when birds poo on my laundry hanging on the line. Just sayin...

Other than that, my nature-based spirituality centers around God's glorious creation. I marvel at the intelligent Creator clearly evident in all of nature, from DNA on the cellular level to the great crashing waves of the Atlantic.

Now I am all about discussion.  I love to hear about how others encounter and experience a loving God. I support freedom of expression. But I felt so shamed about Christians when I saw this notice.

We Christians are supposed to be known by our love.  That includes love for God, love for each other, and love for others in the world. How sad to think of a searching and vulnerable university student, perhaps away from a home with values or maybe from a home with no values at all. He or she wanders into this location and then what?  I felt sick when I saw this.

So I am praying for everyone involved with this store, from those who work or own it to those who just wander in.  I didn't feel that walking inside and having a confrontation was a great idea, but prayer never alienates anyone. 

From the outside, I noticed that the shop had many occultist books, CD's, oils, crystals, etc. for sale.   In contrast, one can go to my church and have breakfast for free. My pastor and his associate would gladly give a Bible to anyone who needed one. We feed and shelter our homeless neighbors.  I feel sure that there are similar churches in this NC town several hour's drive away. My sincere hope is that a discerning public can see the difference.

So, back to my question, "What Do You Stand For?"  This question was mentioned during a recent phone convo with a dear relative who was frustrated with one of the kids. However, it also spoke to my spirit.  Who DO I stand for?'

When I don't want to deal with an annoying member of the public, what message am I sending about Who I Stand for.  When I don't practice excellence, what does that say about The One who rules my world? What does my behavior preach louder than my words?  

I want my behavior to say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...24/7 and even when my dear husband forgets what I told him the day before.  Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.  I want the mouth to proclaim, "Jesus is Victor," not "Anne is annoyed." (or sick or uncomfortable or tired or hungry or doesn't like her outfit or is running late...(Feel free to insert whatever concern is standing in between Jesus, me, and the world.)

Gratuitous Pygmy Hedgehog Pics
My sister's hedgehog.  What? Your sister doesn't have a hedgehog? I'm shocked.  That little hedgehog ear is killing me!
Those little paws are adorable.  He is in my sister's purse in a green blanket.  I think they were in Walmart, which I cropped out because Walmart isn't cool. I'm guessing they were picking up hedgehog food or little hedgehog outfits.  Maybe a hedgehog toothbrush...could be anything.

Now that you've seen the hedgehog, it should come as no surprise that my sister once had an excused absence note from my mother which read, "Please excuse Kerry's absence yesterday from school. She was bitten by a camel."  

The odd thing was, it was true and Kerry hadn't been to a zoo!

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