Thursday, March 2, 2017

Who Can Take a Nothing Day?

...And suddenly make it all seem worthwhile.  

My husband, that's who!

Bruce concluded his work early the other day.  My work hours are flexible, so I was able to join him for a late lunch.

You know how you drive around town on an errand and notice a cozy little restaurant and say to each other, "We should try that some time, it's cute."  Well here's the place that we've been saying that about for over two years. Corner Cafe

Inside, there are tables and chairs and a small lunch counter.  The walls are painted bright red with white and black trim.

While we waited for our hot dogs and slaw, I noticed a young black man at a table near the door.  With a shaved head and a beard, I think some folks might have felt intimidated by his looks. 

Two little old white ladies with curly perms were struggling to open the door.  They were commenting to each other all "bless your hearts" and "I declares."  They reminded me of dandelions gone to seed with bobbing grey/white tops.  

The wind was buffeting both of them.  The young black man jumped up and assisted them in and to a table.  I sipped Luzianne iced tea and noticed that all the diners were nearly equally divided in race. We were all sociable and talking across the tables. 

Whatever we may see about racial tension on the news, most of America is more like the crowd at the Corner Cafe. Isn't the bottom line about all this kindness and the Golden Rule?

What a swell place the Corner Cafe is and how we enjoyed our chili dogs!  We didn't indulge in dessert, but goodness, what wonderful old-fashioned cakes and goodies were on the menu.  As I looked at this picture, I thought that it could be 1950 or even 1940, rather than 2017.
Those are mandarin oranges on top of the orange cake and glace cherries on the top of the coconut confection to the right.  

The sky was dark when we went in for lunch, but had brightened to blue by the time we got to the library.  At the Corner Cafe, it definitely looked like winter.
An hour later, we were at the library across town.  Magically, it was spring.  Bees buzzed audibly, the trees were lacy with white flowers, and the daffodils bloomed.  I've heard of "micro climates" before, but this was quite amazing.

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